The White Building – Tapestries

Works created during a residency at the White Building, Phnom Penh, 2014. Supported by Sa Sa Art Projects.

The single greatest issue facing the residents of the White Building is housing security.  As Cambodia rapidly urbanises, it is the urban poor that are forcibly removed from their homes to make way for shiny new apartment towers they cannot afford.  During a residency at the building, McCracken chatted to the residents of the building about their housing concerns and asked them to teach her how to cross stitch.  The cross stitching of pictorial tapestries was a popular hobby during McCracken’s stay and an effective way to connect with the residents of the White Building. Moving away from the images provided in the tapestry kits, McCracken stitched the grates, bricks and vents that residents had added to the building to make it an effective home.  She then gifted these small bespoke tapestries to some of the residents she got to know.


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