The Place Between

Orlando Floats. 1080p infinite loop.
Passing Manus. 4K-video infinite loop.
Bow Figurehead. Digital print on Ilford Gold 84 x 56cm.
Point of Sail – In Irons. Digital print on Ilford Gold 84 x 56cm.
Atrophy 1, 2 & 3 (rust detail from ANL Wahroonga). Cross-Stitch 13.5 x 11cm
Atrophy 1. Cross-Stitch 13.5 x 11cm
Dark Snow (13 days of perambulation on ANL Wahroonga).
Digital print on Ilford Gold 60 x 48cm
Dark Snow.
Found bunker fuel emissions, timber box, recycled kimono fabric and crochet cotton gloves.
Blue Ontology (a photo of the sea taken twice a day between Australia and China).
Found timber box, digitally printed 3mm acrylic and paper.

“..the boat is a floating piece of space, a place without a place, that exists by itself, that is closed in on itself and at the same time is given over to the infinity of the sea…”. (Foucault 1967)

On the 21st of July 2018, McCracken boarded the ANL Wahroonga and steamed from Australia to China – an artist in residency, dwelling in motion for 13 days.  The route roughly mirrored that of her great-great-grandmother who travelled from Australia to Asia in 1874, a family narrative that has been passed down between generations in the form of a well-thumbed diary written during her adventure. 

 The Place Between was a one-day exhibition of the works created during the residency on the ship, exhibited in the Mission to Seafarer’s Norla Dome.  The work was a meditation upon the social, environmental and political implications of international trade, the mobility of women, our connection to the ocean and the place between Australia and the rest of the world in the 19th and 21st century.

The Place Between is part of a series of projects created by McCracken, exploring the impact of mobility systems (cars, planes, and ships) on Australia; and the way in which they have, and continue to, shape our connection to environments, our sense of time and social relationships. It combined performance, photography, story telling and film to create a mixed media series of works which wound together the artists contemporary expedition on the ship, with that of her great, great, grandmother. In doing so it created a poetic, generational image of the place we generally fly over – the place much of contemporary Australia ignores – between Australia and the rest of the world.

CREDITS: The Place Between 2018, exhibited at the Mission to Seafarers Melbourne.  Lead artist, writer and producer Clare McCracken // documentation of performances Andrew Ferris.

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